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Alice PatinoThe Beginning.

I am a 68 year old child of God.  I have Big Dreams to be free from my job and to  help others.   Wouldn’t you  want to have time to do the things you have never had time to do?  Helping  others do the same  would be great.  You have heard and;  read about  seniors that can’t retire. That is me, that is why I am still working. Why I started my own business,  Patino’s General Store, a few years ago.  Why I love Amway and World Wide Dream Builders.
A  friend, Sal Capobianco,  came to Budget Storage, where I have worked for over 17 years, and he asked  me to come and look at a new idea.  At first I thought, no I need to spend more time on my General store.  But when I met Scott Magers and his partners, I found myself saying YES.   I can not tell you how much I learned from Scott about running a MLM and Internet Marketing.
To quote John Maxwell, The right picture of success is, 1. Knowing your purpose in life, 2. Growing to reach your maximum potential. 3. Sowing seeds that benefit others.

Thanks for reading this.

Alice (Lali) Patino

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