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Risk taking & fear go hand in hand. I have never written before this Blog. Nor have I gone to anything like iduplicate meetings. This is the biggest growth experience I have had in my life. I am taking risks and it is not without fear. I am learning to let go of my fears, have dreams and yes, take the biggest risks I have ever taken. For the first time in my life I am studying and learning things that I thought I couldn’t learn. I have never tried to write about why my products or business are best, for the fear of failing. I am even going out on a limb and telling people (and myself) that I am quiting my job in May or June. I will be 68 at that time., iduplicate & will bring me enough income to live on my own. This will mean I will be free from a 9 to 5 job. I will be free to help myself and others.

I believe and trust in the pitchin founders Scott Magers, Ron Dunham & Randy Curtis. I have been reading the leadership author John Maxwell each morning. After going to an iduplicate meeting yesterday and reading this morning, I was inspired to write.

The Art Critic Guillaume Apollinaire has been credited with inspiring leaders telling them to ask others
“Come to the edge,”
No we will fall.
“Come to the edge”
No we will fall
They came to the edge
He pushed them and they flew.

I couldn’t fly until I went to the edge.
I had to get a dream, get over my fear and take a risk.
Oh, what a journey I have been on. I want to share it with all the people I love. I can’t seem to get them to take that advice to rise and come to the edge so they can fly. I know now that those who fly always have some fear. Get out on the edge. Don’t let fear or other excuses stop you.

I had to remember if I want to grow I must make mistakes and stop beating myself up. I have learned to love, forgive and accept myself. John Maxwell ends his daily writing today by saying “In some way get out on the edge this week.” I am telling you, you can do anything you focus on and want bad enough to dream about it. Get over your fear and Jump in. Dream It and Say it.

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