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Fear comes after your Dream’s The number one thing to keep you going in MLM’s is Dreams. You asking yourself questions like, “I don’t know if, or “I can’t”,” I never did that before” “what if I fail” “What will people think ***”?? Then you question yourself like “What if I don’t like it, “who will lesson to me”, the list goes on and on.
Someone said, “Two natures beat within my breast or is it body”,
The one is foul, the other blessed. The one I love, the other I hate, The one I feel will dominate. Now before You start talking to myself you ask or say,”You can & You choose to do this new Milty Leave Marketing or Privet Frenches. Don’t say, I have to do this or the what if’s. Remember what emotion are you feeling? Choose to feel your faith and courage. Both emotions will always be present in you. The emotion you continually feed is the one that will dominate or the one you will act on.
Remember that anytime you feel afraid of doing something go head and do it anyway. Not only will you reprogram yourself you will find a joy and happiness inside. I can’t even put the feeling into words.
Remember when you feel fear tell Yourself NO and go at it instead of stopping. Fight hard to say I can, I will, I chose too, all the happy positive words. Remember you are hung by your tongue. So say you can, I know I can. Our attitude is the most important asset we have. You will grow because of your attitude. Cultivate determination and you will get your Dreams.

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