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February, 2010:


Wisdom from Will Smith, Mike Ballantyne put this video on facebook it is great.


MlM’s have rules. Sometime the rules from some MLM’s like Amway  are hard to understand.   I have been putting my first blog together, I was using Amway pictures and writings from the Amway  site.   A person that writes a very negative blog about Amway turned me in to Amway.  I am writing this because I do not feel negative should win!  Negative thinkers shouldn’t think they have the upper hand.  I did not check the rules well enough. There are 10 rules for writing about Amway. This is all very upsetting to me as I had no idea that I was doing anything  to hurt Amway. I have said, in other posts, “I love Amway, both the people, ideas for business , their products and the fact that they have been green from the get go. I love the idea that any person can grow a business like this with focus and by over coming fear.  I have been reading the 10 rules of social networking from Amway marketing.   I can see where I had gone wrong. At the same time, I have been listening to World Wide Dream Builders  Communication System.  People have been giving the does and don’ts about marketing on social networking sites.
A lot of, negative has been said, about using social marketing as a change in the profit franches  business. I do believe you can get to your target market & help your business grow with social networking. I know Amway is studying the change in Marketing. They do have a blogs, face books and twitters too.  Have you seen the Artistry blog? It is really cute and full of information.

I am in a  different place than most people in Multi-Leave Marketing, enterprises. I have been blessed enough to be working with a group of 100 people that are the beta team for Team Action Heroes, a new teaching group. They teach you how to  get the most out of social networking. using the 4 pillars. Scott Magers, the teacher & co founder along with Ron Dunning & Randy Curtis are the founders.   Team Action Heroes is a Marketing partner to Pitch In .  Pitch In Ambassadors become part of Team Action Heroes Affiliates . Team Action Heroes teaches the 4 pillars of social networking.  Pitch In is a  new website that you can read more about.  These groups were started by a few successful people who had a big dream and a good work ethic. These are men that love the planet and other people. I was always told to follow people who have a big dream and fruit on their tree. They have it all.
I bet it was hard when Amway 1st went online in 2000. The people working in the company and selling the products had a lot of change. Capitalizing on the World Wide Web for potential customers, will be the next big change for the better. I think we need to stop and look at the big picture. I have been blessed to hear Daniel Pendley talk about the needs for both (he called it) earth and sky. Earth is talking to people in person, sky is everything that goes over the waves of the earth. He said, we need them both to make our business grow. By asking the question, what can I do to help you?  It can be asked both  in person or on the internet. . What Daniel and I both are saying is there is a big need for both. We don’t have to stop talking to people because we are writing or talking to people on the Internet. There is so much to learn about Internet marketing. The young people know all about the Internet. Every few know how to  get their business out for others to see. They don’t know how to work the Internet by networking on the social sites. not selling but shearing.  That is were and Team Action Heroes  come into play, they’ll help grow MLM’s as well as traditional business.

I’m involved in World Wide Dream Builders, a group that teaches  people with Amway backed business  howto make them grow. Then there are people like Daniel Pendley and John Maxwell, that are trying to help people in both worlds. There is need for all of them and many other teachers and thinkers. If we are going to grow as a Nation we need to find more ways to generate earnings, more work. So lets not fight change before we look at it with an open mind. There is good and bad in everything. I think we need to find the good and try and grow with it. I don’t know why we always think we have to go from one side to the other. Why not come to the middle? We need that happy medium in all that we do, including debating marketing and private franchising. The world is changing and we need to change with it or we will be left behind. I have a passion to grow my Amway business and help people too. So the negative blogger doesn’t win because everything I am learning will help me grow to help myself and others.

Please give me your ideas and thoughts on all of this.  Thanks


Ending your day right: Thoughts of the Heart:
Either make the tree sound (healthy and good) and its fruit sound (healthy and good), or make the tree rotten{diseased and bad), and its fruit rotten diseased and bad): for the tree is known and recognized and judged by its fruit.
The Bible says a tree is known by its fruit, and the same is true of you. You can look at a person’s attitude and know what kind of thinking is prevalent in his life. A sweet, kind person does not have mean, vindictive thoughts. By the same token, a truly evil person does not have good, loving thoughts.
Your thoughts bear fruit. Think good thoughts and the fruit in your life will be good. Think bad thoughts and the fruit in your life will be bad. remember Proverbs 23:7 and allow it to have an impact on your life: for as you think in your heart, so are you.


Dear God, I will trust You to be with me always as a loving,
sustaining and supporting presence. Amen
One of the advantages of teaching in a grade school is that you can find a place to park.