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January, 2010:


Both head and hartI used to believe that Treasures were only good, and then I realized they’re bad too. I came to the understanding after reading Matthew:15 8-11 one early morning. Treasures are things in your heart that you end up living out. Try and see your own treasures. Matthew:15:8-11; This people honors me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me: In vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines human precepts” He summoned the crowd and said, to them, “Hear and Understand. It is what enters one’s mouth that defiles that person; but what comes out of the mouth is what defiles one:
Wrong thinking is against the word of God. Think wrong or bad things and wrong things will happen. Change your feeling and it will change your mind.
I figured it out. Thoughts come from the heart, not the mind. You can change your mind, re-new your thoughts and what you say, by putting love in your heart. Afterall, God is Love. Negativity steals your treasures. Thinking about changes to the way you live, will cause change. You choose what goes on in your life. Life is a choice. If I change my way of thinking, I will change my life. God isn’t going to change me. God gives me free will to make my choices.
Choices you have made control you. You control what you choose. Then after you choose, it controls you. You create change. Renew your mind. Renew it by examing what is in your heart?


how to make money on lineMAKING MONEY ON THE INTERNET IS A BIG THING TO WRITE ABOUT. Make money on-line, work from home, Internet home business, there is so much to this side of MlM’s or Multi Level Marketing. How can you learn it all or at least what you need to make your business grow? How can you get your personal small business to make a profit and grow? These are questions all business owners ask. It’s wonderful to have collaborative partners who can help you make it happen.
There is a new program that is called You can’t believe all it teaches you about making money on-line. There are so many things to keep up with like Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, & amp; YouTube …. I was asked to be in a beta program, iduplicate,that brings it all together. It is closed to new businesses now but may open again soon. I wanted to learn some new ways of getting to my target market for my business.
One Iduplicate teacher, Daniel Pendley, said, “You need to look at selling (no matter what it is) as both the land and sky. Land being one on one with people, the personal touch and sky being all kinds of technical or internet selling, you need them both.” Idupilcate has it all.
Things are changing and we need to change to keep on top of everything. A group like Idupicalte can make that job easier.
I’ve been asking how did Wal Mart make all their money? It was buying and selling things people need and use. Amway, a 50 year old business, does the same and has been green from the get go. So with so many MlM’s start ups in this economy, I’m noticing that most have one product or line of goods. I don’t think one item to sell is the easy or best way to sell on-line. Keep an eye on my site for the opening of Idupilcate because I would love to train you to own your own on line-store, why not make it with Amway, with superior money back guarantee products and support and service as your franchise?
how to make money on linehow to make money on line


O Lord, I am richly blessed. Today I have eyes to see and ears to hear. I am consciously aware of all my blessings. Thank You, dear Lord. Amen


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I just read this new and wonderful information. My Artistry Cosmetics is teaming up with Miss America Pageant. Both in skin care and scholarship.

The excitement begins later today with the video announcement from the current Ms. America, Katie Stam, yet today’s announcement is just the beginning. Much, much more is coming for ARTISTRY and Ms. America – and for your business! Look for the video and further updates on this partnership at What’s New at as well as the official ARTISTRY Facebook