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September, 2009:

The Light of God

The light of God shines through me.  God is eternal and unchanging.  His light is expressed through me as Divine wisdom and unlimited guidance.

People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing


Joyce Myers,  said this morning.  Love is not a feeling it is a choose to help others and start a Love Revaluation.  All I could think of  is up pops PITCH IN, http://

Pitch In is focused on helping others with no person left behind.

Receive God Love, Love Yourself, Love God & Love Other People.

We should all take part in this Love Revaluation.

Good Morning.

Dear Lord, let me never be afraid of endings or beginnings.  Teach me to embrace all of life with joy.  Amen

A truly cheerful giver is someone who donates first and then asks whether the gift is taxdecuctible.




Dear Lord, help me to remember that You are always with me in my troubles and always willing to love and comfort me.  Amen

Hold fast to dreams  For it dreams die. Life is a broken winged Bird that cannot fly.  I Love It.

Good Morning

Thank you for my many blessings, O Lord. Amen

Happiness vanishes when envy appears.