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Dreams,  I forgot how to dream and am trying to learn to be a big dreamer

By Danny Silk

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Posted: 26 Jan 2011 12:25 PM PST
  By: Emily Friar
Let’s be honest.  How many days a week do you really have a sufficient time to get ready? I’m not just talking about in the morning – after work get togethers, evening social events – any time really!  I am lucky if I am up in time to get my hair in a ponytail these days!  I have come across some incredible ways to cut the primping time MORE than in half while still looking just as put together.
Morning Chaos.
Whether you are chasing your little one, waking up just in time to hit the road, or having to finish up some last minute emailing before taking off, you can never have enough time in the a.m.! 
– Instead of trying to accomplish your normally intensive skin care routine, try and make sure you use anti-aging product in the evening before bed and making sure you swipe on a healthy dose of SPF for the day! This will not only cut down time, but you will also achieve ideal results and skin protection.
– Instead of trying to smooth and tame your mane, embrace your do!  If it’s just not happening that morning, invest in some decorative hair ties to pull it back with some flair.
After a hearty workout.
Sometimes you just don’t have the time to re-shower after working out, especially if you do it after work hours!
– Instead of scrubbing your face and recleansing multiple time in the day, make sure you rinse your face with warm water and apply a light and oil free face lotion.  Now of course, if you have makeup on then make sure you cleanse! But you still don’t need to repeat your daily skin care routine to rinse off your “glow”!
– Run a blast of hot air through your damp hair and it will re-shape! If it still looks a little limp, twist it up in a messy bun or add a sparkly headband to distract from your not-so-fresh roots.
After work event.
Why start from scratch when you can get to the party on time?
– Instead of washing off your morning application of makeup, take a warm washcloth with a dab of cleanser and wipe off any splotchy face makeup.  Take a clean warm washcloth to remove the cleanser. Voila! Just reapply where needed. Eye makeup tends outlast face makeup, so if anything you can add a little smokey eye touch to your already applied shadow and mascara.
– Spray a little soft-hold hairspray towards your roots and lift and scrunch.  Pull your hair to the side into a low and messy bun.  No one will ever know your secret!
Before bed.  Too tired for your routine!
You don’t need to completely stress about your skin if you just don’t have it in you to pull out the whole shabang.
– Make sure, no matter HOW tired you are, that you at least sneak in a cleansing! If you just can’t get yourself motivated, make sure you at least apply a healthy dose of your evening cream or lotion.  You can then sleep soundly.
Do any of you have any short cuts that you like to take when time is tight?


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